HTTP Clients

Default HTTP headers

To set default HTTP headers:

$client->setDefaultOption('headers/X-Custom-Header', 'FooBar');

User agents

php-opencloud will send a default User-Agent header for every HTTP request, unless a custom value is provided by the end-user. The default header will be in this format:

User-Agent: OpenCloud/xxx cURL/yyy PHP/zzz

where xxx is the current version of the SDK, yyy is the current version of cURL, and zzz is the current PHP version. To override this default, you must run:


which will result in:

User-Agent: MyCustomUserAgent

If you want to set a prefix for the user agent, but retain the default User-Agent as a suffix, you must run:

$client->setUserAgent('MyPrefix', true);

which will result in:

User-Agent: MyPrefix OpenCloud/xxx cURL/yyy PHP/zzz

where $client is an instance of OpenCloud\OpenStack or OpenCloud\Rackspace.

Other functionality

For a full list of functionality provided by Guzzle, please consult the official documentation.